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The Cave Man Eating Plan

And finally, a very important ingredient that enhances any basic care kit for children is a healthy diet. Thousands of years ago there were no sugar enhanced foods, no quickly prepared foods, no dairy foods, or wheat products. We don't know if children were healthier then, but we do know that adopting an eating plan based on the food that early humans ate is good for our children - especially those wo have become unhealthy, and subject to pollution related disorders and oversensitivity to foods. 

The Cave Man Eating Plan is very simple. If the food walks, swims, or flies, you can eat it. If it grows in the ground, or on a tree, you can eat it. If the food is organically grown, you can eat it, and if it's frozen, you can eat it. What you can't eat is precooked or packaged foods, candy, sodas, or artificially flavoured foods.

Cutting these things from your child's diet is not as hard as it first seems. Meats and fish could be bought fresh or frozen and cooked with natural herbs or spices. Salt and pepper are allowed. vegetables can be steamed, roasted, broiled, or eaten raw in salads of all types. Desserts can be made from frozen fruit juice- just put in your blender and mix with honey. Fruit can be eaten Raw or baked in pies. Cook those cookies, but don't use prepared mixes, which may contain chemicals, and will certainly contain preservatives.

If dairy products are needed, get organic milk that contains nothing but milk. Eat organic butter, which is far better for children than chemically prepared spreads. Use-cold pressed organic oils for cooking. Make popsicles with pure fruit juice, and sodas with fruit juice and carbonated water. Organic foods may cost more, but you'll be saving by not buying all that junk food. Get the kids baking. Give them a basic recipe, and let their imaginations run wild. After starting that Cave man Eating Plan, it's been known for some children to have withdrawal symptoms as the chemical flavourings and preservatives are taken away.

it's the same as someone giving up cigarettes, alcohol, or caffeine- the first few days are rough, your child may be grumpy or irritable, particularly when they can't have their favourite soda. Persevere with the Cave Man Eating Plan for at least six weeks, and then see if their breathing, skin, emotions, and behaviour have improved. Does your child seem happier and less aggressive? Do they settle into homework more easily? Are there now more cuddles than arguments? After six weeks, you can give your child the occasional treat - a soda perhaps, a candy bar, or ice cream.

Ideally, the whole family should be following the Cave Man Eating Plan to show solidarity and support of the child it's intended for and because they will benefit too. The rest is up to you. Until our children can make informed food choices at a later age, it is the parent's responsibility to see that, as " you are what you eat," children are fed well.

Reference: Aromatherapy For The Healthy Child: Valerie A Worwood  

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