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Babies From 2-12 Months

Commercial baby products are usually petroleum based, which makes them good for protecting the baby's skin from water and urine but not necessarily intrinsically good for the babny's skin. In this formula, however, we use a base of oil which is good for skin and essential oils which are good for a great deal more besides.

The amount of essential oil used here is about one -tenth that of an adult's massage oil. Even so, this formula treats eczema and cradle cap, inflammation and teething problems, while boosting the immune system and acting as a general strengthner. It also has a marvelously calming effect on the nervous system, and babies become more contented - nmassage over the whole of the baby's body but avoid the eyes and gentials.

Baby's massage Oil Formula



Chamomile Roman 1 drop
1 drop
Geranium                  1 drop

1 drop
Diluted in 30mls sweet almond carrier oil  

This massage oil is the only baby remedy that I recommend to be used on a c ontinual or daily basis. All other remedies should be used on alternate days, or as directed, or when immediately needed.

There is no need to use any treatment 'just in case'. Wait until the baby actually develops a problem and then deal with it.

Reference: Fragrant Pharmacy: V.Worwood



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