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Verrucas and Warts 

Viruses are responsible for both verrucas and warts. Warts look like little lumps and although they can grow anywhere, They are most common on the fingers or hands. Verrucas are foot warts but instead of growing outwards , they grow inwards. They can be extremely painful. You can spot them by the tell-tale black spot in the center of the painful area. Warts will often go away without any help, but in many cases nothing seems to shift them.

There are several essential oils which can be a real boom to suffers of verrucas and warts, and although I always use the formula AVI many good reports have been given for these: 

Verruca And Wart Oils

Lemon Cypress lavender

When treating a child under twelve years of age for verrucas or warts it is crucial to dilute the essential oils beforehand. You can use any oil above singly or in combination, diluted in cider vinegar, or follow my suggestion:

Lemon     10 drops  
Cypress   5 drops per dessertspoon cider vinegar

Put all three ingredients in a clean bottle and shake well, If you are using Dermatect concentrate, dilute 5 drops to each dessertspoon vinegar. Using a cotton-wool bud apply twice a day to the infected area only, avoiding the surrounding. The essential oils can be applied neat if the child is over twelve. Again, use a cotton-wool bud and be careful not to get the oil on the uninfected skin. Apply twice a day.

Reference: Fragrant Pharmacy: V A Worwood.

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