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The Methods - Aromatherapy - Children-2

Clothing Amount to Use
Some essential oils will lave a mark on material, so only use this method if the clothes aren't valuable. For children over 2 years only. 
It's a useful method to keep insects at bay. Put neat (undiluted) essential oil or diluted spray on socks, shoes, the bottoms of shorts, skirts, or trouser legs, or on the collar, sleeves, or cuffs of shirts and tops. 1 drop 
This method is also useful for students who want to inhale a concentration-enhancing aroma when they're taking an exam - put it on the cuff of a long sleeved shirt. Unless following instructions elsewhere in these pages. 


Compress Amount to Use

Put half a pint of water in a bowl, and add the essential oil (alternatively) use hydrosols or essential oil waters.

Put the compress material in the water and leave it to soak for a short while. Then squeeze out the excess water, and place the compress over the area. 

For children 2 years only 

Hold or tie it in place.

Eye compresses should only be made with hydrolats or water taking care that no substance gets into the eye.


2-4 drops 

Always use 100 percent natural material for the compress, unbleached if possible , and large enough to cover the area when folded several times.

Compresses can be used hot, warm, lipid, cool, or cold. Warmth increases the flow of blood to an area, cold restricts the flow of blood to an area.

*unless following instructions elsewhere in these pages.


Cotton Swab (Q-tip) Amount to Use
Put the undiluted essential oil  (neat) onto a wet cotton bud, and apply directly to the affected area. For children over 2 years only:
  1 drop

Reference: Aromatherapy for the Healthy Child: Valerie A Worwood 

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