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Aches And Pains

Sometimes these are caused by just too much exercise at school, swimming perhaps. But if a child complains of a pain continuing in the same place for a long time you should take them to the doctor.

Massage helps all sorts of aches and pains. Make up an oil for your child's particular need. If the legs ache, for example, use a little lavender and if your child is over five years old, rosemary. Each ache will be as individual as each child, so experiment to find the solution, using the information in this section and the list of oils for children of your child's age.

Peppermint 5 drops  
Rosemary 5 drops Diluted in 30ml vegetable oil
Lavender 5 drops  

Massage the child's abdomen in a clockwise direction, more or less around the tummy button. It often helps to massage the back  as well - again, in a clockwise direction. Here is a formula that works well:

Tummy Ache Essential Oils

Geranium-Rosemary Make up a massage oil using 15 drops of one of these Essential Oils to 30ml vegetable oil.  



General Tummy Ache Formula 

Dill 9 drops  
Geranium 6 drop Diluted in 30 ml vegetable oil


Reference: Fragrant Pharmacy: V.A. Worwood

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