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The Methods - Aromatherapy - Children

Aromatherapy - Healthy - Child - The Methods

There are two ways to use aromatherapy on children. You can use essential oils to get a child well - which is a home-help form of clinical aromatherapy and is the main subject of these pages.

Aromatherapy can be used simply to give a sense of well-being - which is never far from our minds. And more elaborated upon is the Caring Touch Massage.

All essential oils should be sold with a dropper-hole insert already in place, which makes measuring easy. Essential oils differ in terms of their density and viscosity. The watery-type, like lavender, come out of the dropper-hole, while you have to be patient with the thicker type of essential oils, like sandalwood.

In following chapters "The A-Z of conditions," there are recommended methods and instructions for the number of drops to use on children of different age groups. The amounts are very specific for a particular condition and are ever a general rule.

There are however, general guidelines for the amount of essential oil that should be used with a child of a particular age, for all the different methods, and they are given below. 

Baths Amounts To Use
Run the bath as usual, then ad a teaspoon of diluted essential oil, and swish the water around. Shut the door to keep the aroma in the bathroom.  Dilute in 2 teaspoons or 10ml of vegetable oil:
  Newborn-6 months 1drop, and use half this amount
Use essential oils diluted in a small amount of vegetable oil, milk, or diluted milk powder

6 months -2 years - 1 drop, and use half the amount.

In baths, diluted essential oils are gentler on children's delicate skin. 2-5 years - 1-2 drops, and use half the amount
  6-10 years - 1-3 drops
*Unless following instructions elsewhere in these pages. 11 and over - 1-4 drops


Body Oils and Body Rub Amount To Use

Use the body oil or body rub like a lotion - just smooth it on the skin. For suggested well-being blends, see Caring Touch Massage.


Dilute in 1 ounce of vegetable oil. 
If using one single essential oil, jus add it to the base, vegetable, oil already in the bottle.  Newborns -      0-1 drop 
  2-6 months -   1-2 drops 
If using two or more essential oils, put them into the empty bottle first, mix them well, by rolling the bottle between your hands, and then pour in the vegetable oil - up to the " shoulder" (not as far as the neck of the bottle, and roll again. 6-12 months - 1-3 drops 
  1-4 years -     1-5 drops 
*see blending notes  5-7 years       3-6 drops 
  8-12 years     5-9 drops
*Unless following instructions elsewhere in the book.  12 years and over - 5 - 10 drops 


Reference: Aromatherapy For The Healthy Child: Valerie Ann Worwood  

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