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The Methods - Aromatherapy - Children - 3

Diffusers/Burners Amount To Use

Diffusers/burners atr two-tier objects, with a top bowl-like section for putting the water and essential oil, and a lower section for the tea-light candle which heats the water above.

Put warm water in the upper bowl, the place your chosen essential oils on the water. 

As the candle heats the water, the essential oils and water evaporate. Keep an eye o diffusers to make sure the water does not evaporate before the candle goes out.

If the water level is looking low, top it with more warm water.

Up to 2 years        1-2 drops 

Diffuser are usually made of ceramic or glass. If ceramic, make sure the water-bowl is glazed - so you can wipe it with a cloth between use and clear away any gooey residue.

2-5 years              1- 3 drops 
There are also electrical diffusers/burners, with no candle section. Make sure you do not leave these plugged after the water has evaporated.  6-10 years            1-4  drops 

Nebulizers or oil vaporizers put a continuous fine spray of essential oil into the atmosphere.

They were designed for clinical use and should not be used at home for children as the quantities of essential oil emitted and inhaled are far too high.

11 and over          1-5  drops 

Dressing Amount to Use
This method is used to help stop the spread of infection and to promote wound healing. 6 Months and over only
The essential oil is put directly onto the dressing that is covering the affected area - such as band - Aids ( the inner, fabric part), or lint and gauze dressing . 1-2 drops

Leave the essential oil to dry, before applying.

This will prevent it stinging, but it will still be effective.

*Unless following instructions elsewhere in this book

Reference: Aromatherapy for the Healthy Child: Valerie Ann Worwood


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