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Children - Insomnia

To provide the energy to run around getting into scrapes, children need their sleep. And so, come to that, so do you. Insomnia in children can have many causes, ranging from over-anxiety  at school to tummy ache. And then there are the numerous monsters of the night, fears and phobias that can prevent a healthy child from sleeping. Apart from the usual reassurance that a parent can give, help can come in many ways with essential oils. They have been used by countless families over the centuries for just this situation.

A warm bath that becomes a part of winding down at bedtime, relaxing before the head hits the pillows, is one of the best ways  to overcome sleeplessness in children. After all, if we went to bed with a head full of the day's problems and the expected ones of tomorrow, would we sleep? There's a lot to be said for a warm drink, a cuddle and a story - but while still up, not in bed. Try not to allow your child to come in late from playing and go straight to bed. An interlude of rock music on the headphones doesn't count. The idea is to calm and soothe growing nerves and brain cells.

Children's Insomnia Essential Oils

From 12 Months  - 5 Years   From 5 to 12 Years
Mandarin-Chamomile Roman-Lavender-Palmrosa    As before plus-Geranium-nutmeg-Clary-Sage 
In Baths    In baths 
1 drop per year to a maximum of three   

3 drops until seven years

4 drops between 7 and 10

5 drops when eleven and twelve


Some other excellent synergistic  blends you might like to try.     
Palma Rosa 10 drops Chamomile Roman 10 drops
Chamomile Roman 7 drops Geranium 8 drops
Mandarin 5 drops Nutmeg 4 drops



Make up a blend of essential oils using these proportions and use as many drops as recommended above for each age. Or you could make up a blend using any combination from the main list - utilise what yoy have in the cupboard, again  maintaining the dosage above. or use oils singly.

A foot massage is very relaxing, and after a bath and before bed it's a real soporific. Make up a massage oil with the synergistic blend, or by making your own blend from the list or using one oil on the list.

Do bear in mind that certain  oils can become stimulants rather than relaxants if used in high dosage. Always under-dose, rather than over-dose. Use 10 drops of essential oil to 30ml vegetable oil for the foot massage.

Reference:Fragrant Pharmacy: V.A.Worwood

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