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Athlete's Foot - 2

Little athletes are just as likely as big ones to get athlete's foot. All they have to do is walk barefoot where someone with the infection has walked before. Swimming pools and gymnasiums are excellent breeding grounds for this infectious fungi which causes the skin to flake and become itchy. The skin between the toes becomes white and sponge-like.

Athlete's foot Essential Oils

Tea Tree Lavender Tagetes Cypress

Of these oils, tea tree and tagetes are the better options. Give the child a foot bath once a day: add 5 drops of tea tree to a cup of salt and put into a large bowl of water. Get the child to soak his/her feet for at least five minutes daily. 

Make a foot powder by adding 10 drops of tea tree to a cup dry, green clay, or talc if you can't find clay(in health food shops). You need to mix this really well, and an electric blender is perfect for the job: it usually has a tiny hole in the lid which enables you to add the essential oil at intervals to ensure a thorough mix. Powder the feet every day. It is very important to keep the skin between the toes dry.. Avoid nylon socks  - use only pure  cotton or wool.

Also make a massage oil using 30 drops of Tagetes to 30ml vegetable oil and massage the child's feet before bed.

Reference: The Fragrant Pharmacy: V A Worwood

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