New Born Babies

As soon as you know you are pregnant, start looking around for suitable pots and bottles to store your baby's various creams and potions in, The pharmacy will sell you small brown, glass bottles, but you will also need tiny little pots or pill-boxes which should all be washed  and then sterilised in the baby's sterilising unit. When the time comes to make a remedy you won't be running around looking for a suitable container for the absolutely tiny quantities you will be using.   Read More



Babies From 2-12 Months     

Babies are difficult to care for because they can't tell us what is making them cry. It is very important to establish contact between the mother and baby, to repair the shock caused to the baby when he or she came out of the mother's womb. The new born baby responds well to touch, which is an important part of the bonding system, and massage should start straight away.

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To provide the energy to run around getting into scrapes, children need their sleep. And so, come to that, so do you. Insomnia in children can have many causes, ranging from over-anxiety at school to tummy ache.
Aches and Pains
Children have so many aches and pains, the cause of which is often a mystery, that the term 'growing pains' has been coined to explain them. Often they come at night and go by morning, especially aches in the arms and legs.

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