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Ringworm is a generic term used to describe many species of fungi which causes diseases of the outer layer of skin. Strictly speaking, athlete's foot is ringworm. Here we are concerned with the other forms that affect the skin, anywhere on the body but especially the scalp.

The name 'ringworm' comes from the ring shape that appears on the skin and which is formed as the disease spreads outwards in a circular shape. The outer ring marks the active area of the disease while the center heals as the fungi move outwards. Ringworm is very itchy.

If it appears on the scalp it can cause small patches of hair to be lost temporarily. Sometimes an allergic reaction causes small itchy blisters to appear on parts of the body that can be far removed from the ringworm itself. Ringworm is infectious and can be caught from people and domestic animals. Use these oils to treat it.

Essential Oils To treat ringworm

Tea tree  Lavender  Thyme Linalol

Tea tree essential oil provides an extremely effective treatment for ringworm. Apply 1 neat drop over the infected area three times a day until it's clear. This should take no more than ten days. After that, apply an oil composed of 30 drops of tea tree diluted in 30ml vegetable oil. Rub over the area daily.

Reference: The Fragrant Pharmacy: V A Worwood

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