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The Basic Care Kit For Children

The Basic Care Kit for Children contains information about the twelve most useful essential oils to have in the home. With these oils in your first aid cabinet most conditions can be dealt with effectively. There are other oils, of course, that are very useful, particularly for certain conditions.

These are what you might all extras, the ones I would want in the home, If I already had the twelve core basic kit oils. A basic care kit also needs come carrier oil and a few small. clean empty bottles. Most of the equipment you may need is probably in your home already, such as cotton wool, Band-Aids, dressings, and a bowl. The only extra thing you may need is a diffuser.

With the basic tools of aromatherapy, you can take your children's basic care kit even further, and make things for the first aid cabinet. At the end of this section you'll find the recipes for making your own. Anti-infections Air Spray, First Aid Washing mix, Antiseptic skin spray, Antiseptic anti-fugal Powder, Herbal Healing Infused Oils. Natural Salves and Ointments; 

First, let us look at our children's basic care kit - The twelve most useful essential oils to have in the home for children, with the ailments the oils can help toward healing, either singly, or when in combination with others. It may be that the essential oils help, not with the condition itself, but with one or more symptoms.

These essential oils are not listed in any particular order. Which oils you'll find useful will depend on the age of your child, and the conditions they have now or the ailments they are prone to.

Reference: Aromatherapy For The Healthy Child: Valerie Ann Worwood

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