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BALANITIS - Aromachildhood

This rather scientific name, balanitis, means inflammation of the penis head, the glans. it can be caused by several things, including bacteria, fungi, wearing tight clothes, or having an allergy to the chemicals in diapers or clothes. Diaper rash can also cause it. Balanitis is more likely in boys who are not circumcised.

Signs and Symptoms
Penis is inflamed and sore on tip, or under and around foreskin
if child is in diapers, buttocks and gential area may also be infected
Penis swollen
It is difficult to draw back the foreskin for cleaning.

For babies up to 2 years of age, follow the instructions for Daper rash. Essential oils in the bath ease irritation and discomfort. Blend the essential oils together, then for children 2-4 years old use 3 drops of the mix in the bath, for children 5-10 years old use between 4-5 drops in the bath. Mix together.
1 teaspoon vegetable oil
3 drops camomile german
2 drops tea tree
1 drop palmarosa

For babies up to 2 years of age, follow the directions for diaper rash.
Apply a small amount of the ointment as needed.
Half an ounce of aloe vera gel
Half an ounce calendula infused oil
10 drops jojoba oil
10 drops lavender
6 drops geranium

Essential Oils that Help
Lavender- Manuka - Camomile german - Thyme Linalol - Tea TYree - Palmarosa

Other Care
Ensure the child bathes regularly, drawing back the foreskin gently to clean the area. Dry the penis thoroughly after every diaper change, or tell older children to dry themselves. Then apply the ointment.
If you suspect your laundry powder has caused an allergic reaction in your child, rinse and dry clothes already laundered and change your washing powder with the next wash.

When to Get Help
If an infection appears, or there is pus from the penis, tell your doctor. If the condition does not improve after a few days of home treatment, whether using natural or pharmaceutical treatment, ask further help from your physician.

Ensure good hygiene
Check washing products are not causing an allergic reaction.
Don't let child wear under pants or diapers that are too tight.

Reference:Aromatherapy For The Healthy Child: Valerie Ann Worwood

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