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New Born Babies

These are the only essential oils that I recommend you to use on babies up tyo two months unless specifically directed in a formula in this section.

New-Born Babies' Essential Oils

Chamomile Roman - Chamomile German - Lavender - yarrow - Dill

One of the gentlest and most effective ways to treat various common ailments involves allowing the molecules of essential oil mto evaporate and circulate throughout the baby's room. This can be done in two ways. First, you can place a bowl of steaming water on the floor, away from baby's head, and add the essential oil, so that it rises with the steam and permeates the atmosphere. Just 1 drop of essential oil to 1 pint of water will be quite adequate for small babies.

The second method involves using a diffuser. Make certain that it has a glazed surface, so that it can be thoroughly cleaned. Avoid the natural-looking porous clay type of diffuser for use with babies and children.

Do not use essential oil neat on a diffuser in a baby's room. Even one drop on a diffuser is too powerful because all the molecules will eventually be released by the heat, whereas with the bowl method not all molecules will be released  into the atmosphere before the water goes cold. So add 1 drop of essential oil to a dessertspoon of water, mix well and add a little of this water to the cupped area of the glazed diffuser bowl.

if the baby is suffering from any kind of digestive problem - colic, indigestion, constipation, diarrhoea or regurgitation - use dill essential oil in one of the room methods just outlined. You will recognise the smell because it is the active ingredient in many infant digestive preparations.

If your baby isn't sleeping well, use chamomile Roman. To clan up the air in your baby's room and make it smell delightful, use lavender essential oil for its antibiotic, antiseptic disinfectant and slightly ant-viral properties. Even using the tiny quantity of essential oil recommended, the aroma will be lovely and infinitely better for your baby than the chemical air-freshners that you can now buy for a baby's room.

Reference: Fragrant Pharmacy/ V Worwood  

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