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BOILS - 2 - Healthy Child

Essential Oils that Help

Lavender Tea Tree
Manuka Lemon
Thyme Linalol Eucalyptus radiata

 Other care

Treat boils as an infection and do not share towels, wash clothes, etc. Do not squeeze boils, they will eventually come to a head and burst. Keep the area covered to prevent further infection and change dressings frequently. If the boil is on an area that gets rubbed by clothes, apply an extra large, thick dressing to make it less sore. If the boil is on a baby's buttocks, change diapers more frequently and, whenever possible, expose the skin to air.

When To Get Help
It is vital that you get immediate medical help if you notice a thin red line running in the direction of the heart, away from the boil - to the neck, armpit, or groin. This may be caused by the infection spreading through the blood stream to other areas of the body.

Continuously getting boils may indicate their is another disorder present and a doctor's advice should be sought. Also, contact your doctor if there is more than one boil and they seem to be multiplying, the child feels ill or has a fever, or if the infection does not clear up after the boil has discharge all the pus. Boils sometimes need to be lanced, and this should never be done at home. lancing a boil should always be done by a qualified medical practitioner.

Keep body hair areas scrupulously clean as boils often appear where bacteria has entered the hair follicle as a result of the action of clothes rubbing the area.

Reference: Aromatherapy For The Healthy Child: Valerie Ann Worwood

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