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Colds (The Common Cold)

Colds are perhaps the most common ailment for both children and adults. They are an infection by various types of viruses, all contagious. A child of any age can catch a cold, but it's especially distressing for babies who experience difficulty drinking from a bottle or the breast when they have a stuffed-up nose.

Antibiotics cannot treat colds and are best avoided at this time. A child's tolerance to antibiotics can build up if they are taken too frequently. A child may then require a higher dose of an antibiotic, and in some cases, a child can build up a resistance to certain antibiotics if taken too frequently.

Signs and Symptoms
runny nose - stuffed nose - congestion - often in the chest - cough - fever

  • The Colds Mix
    This blend of essential oils can be used in a variety of methods.
    Mix the oils in these proportions and bottle for when needed;
    10 drops eucalyptus radiata
    10 drops ravensara
    5 drops tea tree
    3 drops lavender
    1 drop thyme linalol



Dilute the cold mix in vegetable oil before adding it to a bath. Use these amounts, depending on the age of the child:

babies 2-18 months

18 months -3 years

3-6 years

7-11 years

12 years old and over

For babies under 2 months, put 1 drop[ of the colds mix in 2 teaspoons vegetable oil, blend well, and use only half teaspoon per bath.

Essential Oils



1 drop of colds mix in 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil.

2 drops colds mix in 1 teaspoon vegetable oil

3 drops of colds mix in 1 teaspoon vegetable oil

4 drops of colds mix in 1 teaspoon vegetable oil

5 drops of cold mix in 1 teaspoon vegetable oil



Put 2 drops of the cold mix on a tissue. The child can sniff from this to help relieve symptoms.



This method should only be used by children who are old enough to understand the danger of hot water.

See Inhalation Method 

Use 3 drops of the colds mix per inhalation

Steam Method

This method is effective with babies.

See Water Bowl Method 

Place the bowl of steaming water near or under the crib or bed

Add to it; 3 drops of colds mix 

Baby Massage

Massage into the upper chest and back at each diaper change:

2 teaspoons vegetable oil 1 drop colds mix.

Only use a very tiny amount of the mix each time.


Reference: Aromatherapy For The Healthy Child: Valerie Ann Worwood 

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