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Cold Sores (fever Blisters) - 2

Essential Oils That Help

Melissa - Lavender - Tea Tree - Lemon - Geranium - Manuka - Theyme Linalol - Camomile german

Other Care
f you use vaseline or another type of mineral oil as a barrier, you can add eight drops each of manuka, thyme linalol, and camomile german to a 1-ounce tub of vaseline and mix well.

When To Get Help
Always consult your doctor to get a definite diagnosis. You should get further medical help if the eyes seem to be affected - which is sometimes the case; or if there is a fever, or if the sores become infected with pus and are very red and painful. You should also tell your doctor if your child suffers from repeated cold sore eruptions.

Special note:
Encephalitis can be used by the herpes simplex 1 virus. (If your child contracts encephalitis) tell your doctor that your child suffers from cold sores.

  • Prevention
    If you or your child has a cold sore:
    Don't share washcloths, sponges, towels, cups, glasses, or eating utensils.
    Try to prevent your child from touching the cold sore
    Change pillows or bed linen every day to prevent cross-infection.
    If hot weather makes the cold sore erupt, use double the amount of sunscreen, particularly on the lips.

Reference: Aromatherapy For The Healthy Child

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