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Natural Ointments and Salves

You can make your own ointments and salves from scratch using bees wax and essential oils. To make a soft ointment you will need:

1 cup of infused oil (of your choice)-half ounce of non-refined beeswax-essential oils

First, put the bees wax into a bowl which is being gently warmed in a double boiler. (Put a small heat-proof bowl into water heating in a cooking pot.) When the beeswax is melted, pour in the oil, stirring all the time, to create a soft ointment. finally, while still stirring, add your chosen essential oils, and blend them well. put the finished mix into jars, while still warm, put the lid on tightly, and leave to cool.

As an alternative method, purchase a vegetable-based, nonpetroleum, Vaseline type ointment, and transfer a little to a small, clean, lidded, pot. To this, add some essential oil, and stir in well. Good oils would be antiseptic and antibacterial essential oils. 

Antiseptic Ointment

Blend the following together well;

Half an ounce of ointment-10 drops-Thyme linalol-5 drops Ravensara-6 drops Lavender

Chest Congestion Ointment
Blend the following together well

Half an ounce of antiseptic ointment-10 drops Ravensara-10 drops eucalyptus radiata-5 drops Niaouli.

Use a small amount each time, rubbed over the chest and back.

Baby Oil
Most baby oils are made from mineral based products, which form a barrier preventing dampness reaching baby's skin. It is said that these oils cannot be absorbed by the skin.

You may like to try this natural alternative based on jojoba oil, which is natural wax.

Half an ounce of Jojoba oil-1 ounce of Almond oil- Blend well together, then add- 1 drop Geranium-1 drop Petitgrain (or lavender)

Baby Powder
Baby powder can be made from simple ingredients that are a safe alternative to talcum powder that has been shown in some research to be potentially damaging to baby's health.
you can choose which essential oil to use, from lavender, Geranium, or Petitgrain.

Mix the following together;
1 ounce of Arrow starch-1 ounce of Corn starch- Then add into the blender: 2 drops of your chosen essential oil

Leave the mixture to dry, and use as you would a talcum powder.

Reference:Aromatherapy For the Healthy Child;Valerie A Worwood 


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