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Baby, 11 months, takes internet by storm as she masters snowboarding

A baby less than a year old has taken the internet by storm by showing off her incredible snowboarding skills. 

Wang Yuji, who is 11-months-old and can barely walk, has joined her mother and father on the slopes for the new snow season in Chongli.

With a whole hoard of enthusiastic skiers and snowboarders who rushed to to hit the trails, Yuji is the smallest and perhaps most impressive of them all.

In the clip, the tiny snowboarder could be seen sliding down a slight slope in front of her father while he held onto her snowboard from behind with a short rope. 

As he let go to let her take the slope by herself, he told her: 'Look to the front, you're doing great!

Speaking words of encouragement and praise to their daughter, Yuji's parents talked to GlobaLink about their young prodigy.

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Her father said: 'She's not able to slide on her own yet, following the angle of the slope or going down naturally. So she can't control the direction or go really far'

'Sometimes if the snow is just right then she can go all the way. She really likes it, she would be super happy if she could go far.'

Speaking of how grateful the family is for all the love and support, Yuji's mother discussed her daughter's new found talent and internet fame and said: 'It was actually her first time snowboarding.'

'Me and her dad both love outdoor activities so we came to the Olympic co-host city, Chongli to let her experience snowboarding.'

'She has good physical fitness and she was not scared during her first time on the snow, she was able to stay balanced and slide downhill slowly.'

For Yuji, the snowboarding is only part of the fun as, like many who take to the slopes, being at one with the cold weather just as important for having a good time.

Her dad explained: 'She's curious of the snowflakes, she saw the snow for the first time earlier—the snowflakes disappear as soon as they land in her hands which is a magical thing for her.' 

Reference: Jessica Summers For Mailonline

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