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Bronchiolitis - 2 - Healthy Child

For children of 2 years of age see also Bronctitis

Essential Oils That help Fight Infection

Niaouli - Ravensara - Eucalyptus radiata - Thyme linalol - Myrtle

Essential Oils That Help Keep The Child Calm

Lavender - Camomile roman - Mandarin, can be diluted and massaged into the feet. 

Other care
Give your child plenty of fluids to drink. Liquids will soothe them and help to prevent them from becoming distressed which makes breathing more difficult. The American Medical Association recommends that a humidifier is used in the child's room and essential oils can be added to them. Essential oil mist vaporizers or sprayers are also helpful.

When To Get Help
as soon as the child develops cold-like symptoms, keep a close eye on them to make sure the infection does not worsen. If it does, seek medical attention as the child may need oxygen to enable them to breathe properly. Hospitalization may be required.

Keep babies and yong children away from anyone who is sneezing or shows signs of having a cold or flu.

If someone living in the home has a cold or flu, diffuse essential oils from the fight infection list of oils above, throughout the house to help keep it from being passed on.

If someone traveling in the same car as the baby has a cold or flu, put one drop of essential oi , from the fight infection list on a tissue and tuck near baby's seat.

Reference: Aromatherapy For The Healthy Child: Valerie Ann Worwood

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