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Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD) - 2

Soothing Baths and Showers
20 drops mandarin
10 drops lavender
10 drops camomile roman

Baths Age Essential Oils Showers

Dilute the essential oil mix in 1 tea spoon of vegetable oil, using these. 

Add to the water and swish around before the child gets in.




2 drops

3 drops

5 drops


Before taking a shower, after the right temperature has been reached, put 4 drops of essential oil mix above on a wash cloth or sponge  and place it at the bottom of the shower cubicle. This will allow the oil to permeate the air through the steam.

 Body Oil

You can apply oil on younger children, but older children will probably want to apply any body oil on themselves, although getting them to remember to do it might be challenge. Use a small amount each time. Massaging on the back is best for this condition.

Add the following essential oil to 2 ounces vegetable oil.

10 drops tangerine
5 drops cardamom
5 drops lavender

Helping Concentration

Studies have shown that essential oils can help with focus and concentration. Diffuse essential oils in the atmosphere, such as:

Lemon - Bergamot - Grapefruit - Pine 

Helping Sleep

Studies have also shown that sleep is easier when essential oils are used. lavender would be an excellent choice.

Diffuse it in the room before going to bed but not overnight. Or place a drop of lavender essential oil on the underside of the pillow, away from the eyes. It doesn't stain, and washes out easily. A child with ADD will need 4 drops, but if the child is on medication, use only 2 drops.

Essential Oils That Help

The following essential oils are easily available and they help to soothe and calm children of all ages:

Mandarin  - Petitgrain - Tangerine - Ho-wood - Camomile roman - Lavender

Other care
Certain components in food are thought to make hyperactivity worse. Try to persuade your child to do The Cave Man Eating Plan or at least cut down on the caffeine in sodas, sugar in general, and processed foods. Avoid food colouring where you can.

Find time to talk to your child and time to play together. Younger children can be discouraged  from spending time watching television and sitting in front of the computer.

When To get Help
Correct diagnosis is very important, and before medication is given you should get a second professional opinion. Your child may just be at hyperactive stage of development. The symptoms of ADD may also be an expression of your child's frustration at having undiagnosed learning difficulty such as dyslexia.

Try to remember that most children go through a stage of hyperactivity at some time in their lives, sometimes only briefly. Above all, ensure your child is not just seeking your attention, because they feel they have too little of it. Time spent with a child playing outside games, indoor board games, or reading to each other pays great dividends in terms of good behaviour and building a close relationship.

Assess for learning difficulty
Change diet
Do activities with the child
Create a soothing atmosphere in the home.

Reference: Aromatherapy For The Healthy Child: Valerie Ann Worwood

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